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Chinese made cars if production of 300 000 cars chips cost around 6000 New think

Chinese-made cars: if production of 300,000 cars, chips cost around 6000 | New think tank driving

On August 25 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, CEO of Chinese solar-powered car Division Gao Weimin on the MMC for prospectively Hina's solar car project road show, the 20-minute speech, he spoke for 30 minutes. Much of which is in interpreting the Chinese feasibility of solar thin-film chips used in automobiles.

Gao Weimin said after the speech ended, Han had to car makers in the early promotion of solar cells, "and they (automakers) said there is hope for solar cells, you use, we provide chip, none successful. "To this end, this becomes an introduction of the Chinese-made car. Han could build cars through auto industry believes that thin-film solar chips to power the car, let it on the road.

Early last month, Han released four solar car: Hanergy Solar o, Hanergy Solar l, Hanergy Hanergy Solar and Solar a r. Then a question.

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In fact, the Chinese can "build a dream" from the date of birth had been questioned. Partly because most people have never seen a car powered by solar energy, how many will doubt the feasibility of the commercial production; the other is last May, Chinese share prices were halved, billions in market capitalization, has shaken the faith of many people. Moschino iPhone 5

Gao Weimin also clearly perception of Chinese solar car challenge, after the speech, he told the media: many car industry is not too optimistic about solar energy, they don't know much about solar cells to one of today's State. Each solar, he thought (conversion rate) or 6% to 7%. About solar chips in cars, they are not convinced.

In the past few years, Chinese overseas four thin-film solar companies through mergers and acquisitions: Alta Devices, and Solibro, and MiaSol e and Global Solar Energy to accumulate thin film technology, and technology integration energy conversion rate from the industry's level of 15% to 18% to 31.6%. Is to a large extent, Chinese can build confidence that stems from confidence in thin film chip technology.

According to Han's plan, conversion rate of GaAs thin film solar cell technology will continue to improve, by 2020, conversion of 38% and 42%. Moschino iPhone Cases

Chinese-made cars: if production of 300,000 cars, chips cost around 6000 | New think tank driving

"Photovoltaic technology and vehicle technology are two totally different subjects, do people just want to do cars, photovoltaic people only think of film power, so Chinese solar-powered car will be combining these two is no easy task. "Gao Weimin has on a number of occasions that this view. He believes that solar cars are ultimately two interdisciplinary cars and solar energy innovation, very valuable. This is also in the SAIC and Beijing Automotive Research Institute, respectively President of the Gao Weimin joined Han can be one of the reasons.

In early July this year's event, Chinese cooperation with the Foton program is to use solar energy to provide the electricity required to meet the bus air conditioning. Now, before this is the Chinese build a solar car to the transition programme.

Chinese Senior Vice President Zhang bin can tell us, "chip, we can turn to a transition programme, does not mean that all of a sudden. Such as basic auxiliary power supply, and then slowly transition to full solar car programme. This is path problem. 」

Even though the volume production of solar cars also need to address some technical bottlenecks, but Zhang bin's statement also showed that Chinese could launch the first solar car, most likely in the embedded solar cells on the basis of lithium-ion batteries, which work with solar energy and battery, increase the mileage and reduce battery weight of pure electric vehicles, while meeting weight requirements of body. Gao Weimin said Han was contacted some auto makers, which tries to be sold to the latter.

Han can tend to sell solution is still built cars, Gao Weimin said both have the will, but prefer the latter. His nets from Lei Feng (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) explained that through their own car, you can feel how the chips for the automotive industry to develop. This is because the level of solar cells with the original chips can vary in technology, equipment and raw materials. Automotive research and development of chip, is the ongoing work of the Chinese.

At this stage, Chinese solar-powered car that can also have a lot of work needs to be combed. Gao Weimin said the current path of the Chinese-made cars are still in progress:

Han will in accordance with the relevant provisions, establish an automotive company, apply for qualification to obtain the relevant Department. He said a wide range of cooperation in the future, such as acquisitions, set up a joint venture with a third party company on behalf of workers, and so on. Gao Weimin said at the current pace, Han's first solar-powered car will be available within three years. In terms of costs, he said if we can produce 300,000 vehicles, when the chip costs around 6000.

According to the Chinese planning, solar car there deliberately to charge fixed charge facilities, in conditions of good lighting conditions, parking charge in the Sun. In addition, fully solar-powered car equipped with conventional lithium batteries for energy storage, in wet weather or long distance travel needs, allows you to charge fixed charge facilities, maximum range of 350 km.

Similar to the Han dynasty and the early of BYD. 13 years ago, BYD has a battery technology and related patents, but there was no car manufacturer who is willing to focus on pure electric vehicles, BYD has to make cars. After more than 10 years of accumulation, the technology got started on a battery car manufacturers to this day. For Chinese with thin-film solar technology, this vehicle way too long. But the bigger challenge is that car needs a lot of money.

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